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We proudly present the new Trinity™ enigneered click flooring! During 2013, we developed together with our customers this fantastic new flooring, as a complement to the original Trinity™ plank flooring. The primary idea of our new flooring was that it should be easily installed but that Trinity's unique handscraped surface would be maintained.

The big advantage of the Trinity™ engineered flooring is that it does not need to be glued to the underlay, but can be laid floating. The high-quality click flooring makes the installation quick and easy. For those who wish it is of course possible to glue the flooring to the underlay, in the same way as the Trinity™ plank flooring.

The Trinity™ engineered flooring is suitable for both electrical and hot-water underfloor heaating. The Trinity™ flooring is a engineer flooring, which means that the flooring consists of three different layers: topmost is a 3,6 mm thick a durable massive oak layer that is glues to a crossglued pine core as well a pine veneer layer at the bottom. The flooring is 13 mm thick, the width is 185 mm and the lenght is 2,2 metres.


The oak surface of the Trinity™ engineered flooring is scraped by hand in the same way as with the Trinity™ plank flooring. We brush and oil the surface ourselves in Vaasa, Finland.

The handscraped surface makes the Trinity™ engineered flooring truly unique. The surface is most pleasent for the feet - We recommend to try walking on barefeet on the floor. The handscraped surface is also outstandingly beautiful, since every plank is unique. The scraped surfice has just the right amount patina.

he durability of the floor is in a league of its own. The tough handscraped surfice is suitable for both private us as well as public use. The more the floor is worn the more character does it get. The surface of the floor is easily renewed with Osmo Colors treatment oil.

The scraped surface can of course be sanded down, but we recommend not sanding the floor because as a result the surface will become smooth. The idea is that the patina is improved as the floor is used. If the floor recieves damage or scratches, they can easily be fixed with Osmo Colors treatment oil.


Wear layer 3,6 mm
Thickness 13 mm
Width 185 mm
Lenght 2200 mm
Composition Engineered click flooring with an oak surface, a clossglued pine core and a pine veneer layer
Installation The flooring is laid floating without glue, but can also be glued to the underlay
Floor heating The floor is suitable for both electrical and hot-water underfloor heating
Surface treatment Osmo Color oilwax